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The concentric circle motif is based on the exquisite orbital patterns of the planets and the mathematical relationships that govern them. Venus draws a pentagram around the Earth every eight years as can be seen by plotting the orbits of Venus and Earth, and drawing a line between the two planets' positions every few days. Everything in the heavens moves around everything else, dancing to the music of the spheres, in perfect geometric harmony.

E.T. Phone Home
"E.T. Phone Home"
Hobbit Heaven
"Hobbit Heaven"
Embryo Rising
"Embryo Rising"
Leaving on a Jet Plane
"Leaving on a Jet Plane"
Proud as a Peacock
"Proud as a Peacock"
Peacock Feathers
"Peacock Feathers"
Phantom of the Opera
"Phantom of the Opera"
Feeling Like a Million Bucks
"Feeling Like a Million Bucks"
Star Gazer
"Star Gazer"
Picasso's Revenge
"Picasso's Revenge"
More Heartache
"More Heartache"
Broken Hearts
"Broken Hearts"
Pink Heart
"Pink Heart"
Purple Heart
"Purple Heart"
Purple Mania
"Purple Mania"
Eye of the Mollusk
"Eye of the Mollusk"
Batman Cometh
"Batman Cometh"
Wisdom of Solomon
"Wisdom of Solomon"
Jerusalem, City of Gold
"Jerusalem, City of Gold"
Angel's Flight
"Angel's Flight"
Sunrise Sunset
"Sunrise Sunset"
Fire and Brimstone
"Fire and Brimstone"
Mirrors of My Mind
"Mirrors of My Mind"
Picking Up the Pieces of My Mind
"Picking Up the Pieces of My Mind"
Prism on Black
"Prism on Black"
Prism on White
"Prism on White"
Bird's Eye View
"Bird's Eye View"
Cheerleading Squad
"Cheerleading Squad"
Crystal Ball
"Crystal Ball"
La Cucaracha
"La Cucaracha"
Lights, Camera, Action
"Lights, Camera, Action"
Magical Mystery Tour
"Magical Mystery Tour"
Northern Lights
"Northern Lights"
Picasso's Nightmare
"Picasso's Nightmare"
Off to See the Wizard
"Off to See the Wizard"
Starship Enterprise
"Starship Enterprise"
Tequila Hangover
"Tequila Hangover"
The Sky is Falling
"The Sky is Falling"

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