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SteveSTEVE HARRIS, Mathematical Artist, is a man with something to prove... that math is beautiful. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Steve has always been fascinated by numbers and geometric shapes. After graduating from CSUN (California State University in Northridge, California) in 1968 with a BA in Mathematics, Steve began his career as a geometric artist. He started by drawing line art, connecting numbered points with straight lines to form interesting geometric patterns and designs. Soon he began to associate certain patterns with key mathematical principles, and a whole new world unfolded.

Steve is also one of the few STRING ARTISTS left from the 60’s. Using wood and nails, Steve threads exciting colorful designs using the same mathematical principles. Since String Art's resurgence, Steve cannot produce designs fast enough to meet the demand.

One of his favorite Kaleidodog creations is "Stairway to Heaven."

When Steve met IRWIN PLITT, Software Designer, at a movie screening a few years ago, they discovered a common bond; both had an interest in geometric design! Irwin, an MIT graduate, is an accomplished software programmer and designer. With his computer design savvy, he has developed a series of programs that create digital images of Steve’s artwork, which is what you see here on the website. When asked to name his favorite design, Irwin was stumped, but finally settled on "E.T. Phone Home", a concentric circle design. Irwin's wife, Karen, is Kaleidodog's New York rep.

LizzieSteve’s wife, LIZZIE MAXWELL, Sales and Marketing Manager, is busy making Kaleidodog Designs the most unique and talked-about art of the ‘00’s. An actress, writer, and producer, Lizzie's background is diverse in many fields including real estate, teaching, and public relations. She is the author of "Little Fish in a Big Pond - A Support Guide for Actors" and has been seen in such television shows as ER, L.A. Law, General Hospital, It's A Miracle, Unsolved Mysteries, to name a few. Her favorite design is "Batman Cometh."

JACK BENNY HARRIS is at the center of Kaleidodog Designs, always bringing joy and laughter with his crazy antics. His favorite design is "Phantom of the Opera" but to him it looks like a big open mouth which, of course, reminds him of food, Jack of which he is very fond. Jack constantly reminds all of Kaleidodog's employees to take their breaks, go out for a walk, smell the roses, and treat themselves throughout the day!

The patterns you see here today are only a small sampling of the infinite number of designs possible from this new art form.

We hope you begin to love math as much as we do!

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