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Mathematical Art is one facet of man’s attempt to find symmetry, harmony, and beauty in his surroundings. One starts by drawing straight lines. By combining many line segments that are mathematically related, aesthetically pleasing patterns are created. These drawings illustrate certain principles of pattern formation, geometric design, and symmetry. The drawings and their mathematical relationships produce art of surprising delicacy and grace.

Simple geometric figures are often used as the basic outline for a pattern with equally spaced points. The points are connected in a mathematically precise and well-defined order. The envelope (the outermost edge) of the straight-line segments forms a surface that appears to be curved. By changing the ‘rule’ by which the points are connected, you can alter the envelope that is produced. By combining many related envelopes of lines, we have the basis for artistic composition. By noting the changes in designs that occur from changing point connections, certain laws and facts are discovered. These laws, along with color, spacing, and placement, form the palette of the geometric or mathematical artist.

We, at Kaleidodog Designs, want to bring this art form out of the closet, and into the home, as beautiful objects of geometric design.

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